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tv   KPIX 5 News on the CW  CW  February 6, 2014 10:00pm-10:31pm PST

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live from the bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. >> tonight, a twist in the heyward police shooting that ended with a woman dead. >> andrea with a threat that now has police officers watching their backs. andrea. >> ken, liz, today's officer involved shooting started with a call from the pleasantton police department to the heyward police department advising of a depressed, possibly suicidal woman. that link appears to be firm and of course the first plot twist in a very involved story. this messy officer involved shooting scene at the apartments in heyward has a back story just as messy. heyward police shot 62-year- old, aerial leavy many times and she died. officers said she had a fake weapon in her hand. the photo on the left is the fake. on the right, the real deal. >> she went back into her apartment and as the officers were calling for cover, she
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came out and made threats, indicating she was going to shoot at them. >> typically, police departments release names, but not this time. >> we are fearful of retaliation by the officers, by either the son or of associates. once we have taken care of those safety issues, we will be providing their names. >> arrested last week for selling heroin on the streets of pleasantton. because of his mom's death at the hands of officers, heyward pd is worried calling shots from behind bars. >> we're still looking for details regarding who his associates were. and he was involved in terms of narcotic sales. >> while he is sitting in the alameda county jail, part of his case has been taken over by atf agents. the reason why, in addition to heroin, he allegedly had assault weapons, including a multibirth trigger activator, a device that increases a gun's
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rate of fire. until all of the cases, county and federal come together, heyward pd is keeping the names of their officers under wraps. in heyward, andrea, kpix5. >> an autopsy on aerial levy's body was completed this afternoon. >> it was a welcome sight throughout the bay area today. rain, and you should keep those umbrellas handy. more is coming. paul. >> not just more, but a lot more. some of the heaviest rain fall we have seen. radar clear right now. kpix5 tracking a few showers moving over san mateo county. american canyon, north up to napa. most of you are dry this evening. lots of rain fall this morning, messy commute, san jose 2/3 of an inch of rain. 3/4 of an inch of rain fall in san francisco. most we have seen this year. saint helena1 inch of rain. video to show you. two different pieces of video.
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first, today's rain fall caused a few problems. the trail there closed. work crews watched 2 feet deep water cover the trail. oakland, city workers trying to look ahead to the next storm. they are making sandbags available to residents. i don't think we're going to get there. but it's good to be preventative. fire stations and also the city yard. more rain in san francisco over the past five days. then in the previous 72 and behind me right there, that is the next storm that is coming. it's a big one. it gets here as soon as tomorrow and heavy rain is likely for the entire bay area. details coming up. >> all right, paul, thank you. you can track the next storm yourself on click weather, then interactive radar. zoom into your neighborhood. >> new at 10:00, a man accused of stealing a car and leading the police on a chase is spending the night behind bars. police loaded him up in their cruiser after they say he crashed this black sedan in san francisco's crocker amazon district and tried to bail out.
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they found him hiding under a stairwell. one officer suffered minor injuries while trying to subdue him. >> the students and staffers at san jose state university are hoping to move forward after an alleged hate crime involving a black student and his white roommate. tonight, a newly formed task force of 18 members from the school, community, met for the first time. they are looking into policies and determining who is accountable for what. one student who is a member of the coalition says the punishments should be tougher. >> i really don't understand why they haven't been sales, but if you torture a student for eight weeks, you get moved to another dorm. it makes no sense. >> the group plans to meet five more times then it will make recommendations to the school. the next meeting is on the 21st. >> an old quilt could be the key to solving a 25-year-old murder case. the district attorney wants your help. mark sayer on how the quilt and
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any information on it could make a big difference. >> kathy ximmer was a 33-year- old mother of two. she was last seen attending classes at san jose state university on march 8, 1989. where she was majoring in business. but ximmer never came home that night and two days later, her body was found inside the car in the short-term parking lot at san jose international airport. >> covering her body with this quilt and this quilt we believe may hold the key to solving this case. >> deputy district attorney leads the santa clara county da's cold case unit. >> as you can see, it's an extremely distinctive quilt made of many different square patterns sewn together. we're almost positive it was handmade and extremely unique. >> prosecutors say the quilt did not belong to ximmer nor any member of her family. ximmer parked her car here at san jose state's 10th street parking garage and detectives believe it is possible her
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killer found her here before she was strangled and left at the airport. detectives also believe former san jose state students could help. >> think back to that time. if you remember anything strange in that parking lot, seeing something, maybe you didn't think anything of it then, but if this jogs something in your memory, please call. >> in san jose, kpix5. >> police investigating the case at the time say ximmer's keys and purse were missing from the car, but no suspects were ever identified. fremont police need your help finding a guy who robbed a wells fargo bank today. they released this photo of him. police say he handed the teller a demand letter, got the cash, and ran away. he's in his late 20s or early 30s 5'10" with a thin build. a driver didn't have his way at this burger king on mission boulevard in howard. his car caught fire at the drive through this afternoon. he got out okay, but you can see it spread into the burger
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king. firefighters got everyone out safely. now open for the homeless. the sonoma county fair grounds is part of an emergency plan to provide shelter during the winter. kpix5's joe vasquez is there with the latest. >> reporter: you can see in this parking lot some cars and trucks. inside are some homeless folks who tell me that they usually park alongside street curbs, tonight they are in this protected lot inside the sai know ma county fair grounds. >> it's not much, but this small, muddy parking lot is home sweet temporary home. >> how is this helpful to you? >> it's a lot. community, you don't have to worry about somebody walking up and stealing anything out of your truck. >> the catholic charities of the sonoma diocese is contracted with the county to feed the homeless hot meals. bathrooms and a small heater are also available. just last month, sonoma county
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supervisors approved money. >> we have a lot of families that are in cars. we have children sleeping in these cars every night. this program allows them to come here, be safe, be warm, get a meal, and we are also providing case management. we are working with people to help them resolve their homelessness as well and get into housing as quickly as possible. >> the program is slated to last through the cold and rainy season until the end of march. at that point, it will be reevaluated and may continue into april. >> nobody considered us. >> some neighbors are mad. they weren't consulted and they have concerns. >> the safety of the children and any illegal activities that may be occurring. >> not when it's crammed down our throats. every neighborhood should have the opportunity to have some input before they do it. >> the state parking lot is open between 8:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m. and people can't just drive in here, they have to preregister with the county. reporting live in santa rosa,
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kpix5. >> another storm has blasted the northeast leaving hundreds of thousands of people without power. most of the outages are in pennsylvania. the governor there compared the damage from the ice and snow to a hurricane. right now, crews are working on getting the power back on to hospitals and nursing homes. it could be several days before everyone else gets their electricity back. the cold weather on the east coast was the main reason for a rare winter flex alert here in california. it ended just a few minutes ago. people were being asked to conserve energy because the weather back east was putting a strain on the natural gas supply. caused a shortage in southern california. no liquids allowed in carry on luggage on the u.s. to russia. that new rule will last for the next 30 days. cbs reporter tells us it follows a warning about possible terrorist activity. >> the u.s. government warned airlines worldwide that terrorists may attempt to
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smuggle explosives hidden inside tubes of tooth paste aboard planes bound for russia. foreign intelligence services traced the threat to the same caw suss terror group that has been vowed to attack the sochi olympics. the potential attack which is unlikely, would involve terrorists sneaking explosives and bomb parts past security. then assembling explosive devices while on board. it's not clear the terror group has the expertise to do that. but in 2004, russian based terrorists did use female suicide bombers to take down two passenger planes. police in france and austria picked up a small number of women with ties to the terror group. so far, there's no hard evidence connecting them to any plot. bob orr, cbs news, washington. so just how dangerous is a tooth paste bomb? take a look at what one can do to a car. for this demonstration,
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explosive powder mixed with another ingredient created the paste. it was put into a tube with real tooth paste to create a small, but very powerful bomb. it is something that could be missed in a casual security inspection. >> i wouldn't like to be in an airplane once that exploded, not even a big one. >> a tooth paste bomb is similar to the underwear bomb smuggled on to a flight headed to the u.s. back in 2009. showed what it would have done if it had exploded. major portion of the covered california website shut down. what a kpix5 investigation revealed that led to that move. >> let's not be so insulted about something so minute. >> you heard of the complaints over the menu at one school's black history celebration, but tonight a different perspective. ,, ♪
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investigation of doctor shortages. julie watts h tonight, covered california is shutting down a major portion of its website following our investigation of doctor shortages. julie watts has the exclusive story. >> you would think once you have the insurance that all you need to do is find a list of
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doctors that accepted the plan and came to a real realization. >> discovered the doctors originally advertised as in network weren't actually accepting their insurance. >> this is something that the consumer is going to have to work out with the health carrier. >> covered california told us to talk to the insurers about the inaccuracies on the website. >> he did that and we did that and said oops, sorry, our bad, they weren't ever contracted with us on the plan. >> isn't it covered california's responsibility to ensure that your insurers are presenting accurate information on the covered california website? >> it isn't feasible for cover california or any agency to go through and check thousands upon thousands of doctors to make sure the information they are providing is indeed accurate. >> but, we checked today and of the first five doctors listed under anthem's gold plan, not a
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single one said they accepted the cover california insurance. in fact, one said they didn't accept any quote, obama care insurance at all. covered california's solution, it is now taking the doctor search function off its website. in a statement, covered california said it will discontinue posting of its provider until further notice after finding errors, like the ones we brought to its attention. covered california said enrollees should talk about finding alternate doctors. they can cancel before the end of open enrollment on march 21. and that's what many now plan to do. covered california is ultimately responsible for the content on its website. according to the department of manage healthcare, neither covered california nor the insurers are breaking any laws. the provider lists rleally subject to change without notice and only need to be updated quarterly. julie watts, kpix5.
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>> an east bay high school is apologizing tonight after a cultural event turned offensive for many. kristen ayers tells us backlash is growing, but others say it's not a big deal. >> it was supposed to be a celebration of black history month in concord. >> i think they know it wasn't to hurt anyone, but it was just a little too far. >> the school's black student union planned watermelon, fried chicken, and corn bread. the reaction was swift. >> they put everything we accomplished into a menu. >> the school nixed the lunch and issued an apology. but tonight, there's a bit of a backlash against the backlash. one black leader in the east bay community asked. >> what's the big deal? >> elizabeth williams is a national member of the naacp and serves on equal employment opportunity commission. she doesn't mind the menu.
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>> historically and even now, we like our chicken and i'm not going to stop eating my fried chicken and corn bread nor my watermelon. >> i talked to her about the history of the watermelon stereotype, how it was used in stomach churning images to portray african americans as simple, content with slavery, one um imagine sarcastically reads, you can see how miserable i am. >> why have the representation be around fried chicken and watermelon? >> let's move on. let's be more progressive. let's not be so insulted about something so minute. >> kristen ayers, kpix5. >> school now plans to hold a diversity assembly for students and faculty. >> there's junk mail and then there's what a san francisco woman received. take a look at lisa mcintyre's tweet, showing the credit card offer she received from bank of america. now, it is certainly not her
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middle name. the problem has since been traced to an academic society. b of a responded with a tweet saying we're incredibly story this happened and researching now so we can take the appropriate action. >> tough to see that. print was small. we'll put it on our website. but a lot of people looking at a lot of rain coming in this weekend. >> the blob of rain fall we'll see on the radar is not going to be small. it's going to be prominent. heaviest rain fall we have seen. remember back in 2012, about 14 months ago. that's how long it has been since we had a soaker. it begins tomorrow. a peek at the radar right now, we'll show you what's going on. we have kpix5 high deaf doppler. there were a few showers. pacifica, redd redwood city getting a few showers. i'll zoom this out to show you the sierra. it's going to dump snow up there. here's video from earlier
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today. where we had a lot of snow coming down. 6 to 8 inches of fresh powder. we may be measuring the snow in several feet coming up soon. the winter weather advisory is a winter storm warning for snow above 5,000 feet. it begins tomorrow morning. it will last through the weekend, but through midday saturday. 2 to 4 feet of new snowfall above 7,000 feet. 60 miles per hour or stronger. so what's going on? that big ridge of high pressure is still steering in storms. it did that last night with storm number one. you had the rain fall this morning, very rough morning commute. now let's focus on storm number two. it's bigger and stronger. all the way down by hawaii. that's key. because the jet stream picks up more moisture and then sometimes it transports moisture from hawaii all the way up to the west coast, we call that the pineapple express and that general area. that is what is happening this weekend. the jet stream aimed right at us. the fire hose is all set up
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with a ton of moisture. we will see in the north bay at least 3 inches of rain fall. lots of rain coming in the north bay. 3 to 6 inches of rain fall there. east bay, you can see 1 to 3 inches of rain fall. san francisco and san mateo county 2 to 3 inches of much needed rain fall. highs tomorrow as the rain moves in tomorrow afternoon, mid to upper 50s. san jose 58. union city 56. pacifica54. concord, pittsburgh upper 50s. it will be there earlier for santa rosa. 57 tomorrow for alameda. your extended forecast, we're soggy on saturday. sunday we're still looking at rain. we clear out monday, tuesday, and wednesday we'll be dry. thursday a few light showers are back. big-time storm getting here as soon as tomorrow afternoon. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,
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has its product stuck in new jersey... thanks to an ongog trade dispute. right now, a load of chobani the sponsors of the u.s. olympic teams has products in new jersey. thanks to an on going trade dispute. >> a load of greek yogurt made in the u.s.a. is held up at customs because of a long running battle over trade rules for dairy exports between russia and the united states. new york senator, chuck schumer, has gotten involved. he is calling for action saying there is simply no time to waste in getting our olympic athletes a new ,000,000,000,000 nutritious food. >> so far, the russian embassy hasn't budged, but, the
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department of agriculture says it's working with russia on an agreement to export dairy products to the territory. the golfers waited four hours, but finally teed off. no lee, but the other dynamic duo comes through. next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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am today because of a 3 hour rain delay.. not everyone was able to finish the first round of the pebble beach proam because of a three hour rain delay. give me the clock, wayne. the clouds did part. peyton manning on the football field carried over to the links. a little too much juice on the chip shot. tied for 127th in the proam. james hahn led last year in the final round.
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looking good today. birdie on 70. five back in the leader and andrew loop, no jermaine o'neil. gave chicago a 13 point lead. the fans want a change. hay got it. fromset currie, he breaks the tie. 4 of 6 from downtown. 34 points and the warriors are winners. former coach hoping the dodge can -- trailing. but avery holmes sparked the comeback. his layup ties the game. they win 74-67. st. mary's at lmu. junior guard had the hot hand. 14 points in the first half. st. maries is a winner tonight, 77-58. i'm headed off to pebble beach tomorrow morning to catch round two and we have our specials on saturday and sunday if we get
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it in. >> uhll be sitting by the fire watching you. >> see you at 11:00. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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